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Consultancy Service

With ASR Logistics you get premium consultancy services for all your logistics needs. With a highly qualified and experienced in-house team of experts, you know that you’re in safe hands. We keep in mind the varying needs of customers and provide tailor made solutions.

Get customs and registration clearance can be a tiresome task. But when you have a backing of an expert, it becomes easy to steer through. Our team is there to assist you at every step and make sure that you get easy and effective solutions. Logistics consultancy is a matter that should be handles by experts, and with ASR you get the promise of quality. The services we offer include –

• FSSAI Registration
• P & Q Registration
• All allied agency registration and NOC
• Supplementary foods and perishable goods clearance
• ADC Registration
• Brand Registration
• IGCR Procurement

Over the years we have served thousands of customers from across domains and have helped them in various consultancy related services.